Link Round-Up


This plum sauce fig shake is the kind of drink dreams are made of. YUM!

♥ Here’s a list of 10 ways you can increase your dopamine levels without medication.

♥ The arrival of autumn has me craving hot chocolate, popcorn and curling up on the sofa with Jack and our kitties. If this is floating your boat too, you might want to check out this list of what’s coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Now in October.

♥ Ridiculously cute – cat-tus pin. Ha!

♥ I enjoyed looking through this round-up of soap and spa goodies tutorials by the ladies at A Beautiful Mess – so many lovely things to make!




♥ I enjoyed reading about the secret blessings of gestational diabetes – it’s not a subject we’ve gone over in detail at university yet, but it’s such a common diagnosis in pregnancy that it’s something I’m keen to read up about.

♥ I still haven’t committed to a new camera bag, but that hasn’t stopped me from eyeing some up – I don’t think it’s the one for me, but this one by StudioLeiMomi is so pretty!

Eggplant bliss bowl with mint and cilantro chutney, anyone?

♥ Yamok makes some truly adorable pencil cases. I think this one with foxes is gorgeous!

♥ Spotify has a new service called “Release Radar” – playlists of new music from artists you know and love! This week my radar features Fleetwood Mac, Twenty One Pilots, Anna Järvinen, Tori Amos, Metronomy and Agnes Obel… Awesome!


Happy Sunday, friends! Out flat is filling with delicious roast dinner smells (mmm!) which is the best kind of end to the marvelous weekend that we’ve had. We had a delicious afternoon tea yesterday with Laurence, played board games until ridiculous o’clock in the morning with him and Luke and spent today getting DIY jobs done around the flat. Score! Hope you guys have had a grand weekend too – enjoy the links!

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