Link Round-Up


The Frugal Traveler is a really awesome money-saving guide and I’ve been enjoying the tips as I’ve been trying to plan a little break with Jack before I start university.

♥ These orange zest scones look delicious!

Moosekleenex is wonderful.

♥ I’ve watched Wanted: A Very Personal Assistant on the BBC iPlayer this week, which has been an interesting watch for me, as I’ve been working as a personal assistant for the past two years. It’s definitely well-worth a watch if you’re interested in care work/are nosey as to what a personal assistant gets up to!

♥ I need a dog so I can dress it in this Link costume. SO ADORABLE.

This duck dress is beautiful, and so is everything else in the Alice Nightingale shop, if I’m honest.

♥ I’m loving these bright flower photos that Vickie posted this week.


A late post this week! I’ve been staying with Rob and Lauren this weekend, and came home via Jack’s, which left little time for curating the loveliness above for your perusal… But here it is now! Hope you guys had a grand weekend and are enjoying saying hello to August!


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