Link Round-Up


♥ I love celebrating the start of a new month with a new playlist. Here’s what I’m listening to this December.

♥ I can’t decided if I prefer these tights in green or black & white… Either way, they’re absolutely gorgeous.

♥ Confessions of a pregnant woman.

♥ I know that there are lots of super cute measuring spoons out there, but I’m really loving these cherry ones. Plus, they come with an egg separator leaf!



♥ We made dried orange ornaments last year, so I’m feeling pretty keen to give this dried orange garland a go this year, time permitting. We decided to get our tree yesterday (!) so I might get started on making some today!

♥ Who else fancies a quick vacation to the seashell house?

Lip stain that reacts to your skin’s pH levels..!

♥ Once our little one arrives, I have a feeling that I will be delving into this big podcast roundup by Amanda!


Happy Sunday folks! I’m feeling pretty glad to report that not only did we buy our tree yesterday (current status: fairy lights only) but we have very nearly finished buying our Christmas gifts. Yeehaw! As a result, I’m feeling super organised and ready for our baby to make its arrival, which is a lovely, calming feeling. And probably means that we’ll be extremely overdue..!


Hope you’re having a fab weekend so far and have a lovely Sunday. Take care!

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