Link Round-Up


Laser cats!

♥ Ever fancied making your own custom coloured nail polish?

You should’ve asked. Something that a lot of the ladies I meet in community would be able to relate to. (See also: holidays.)

♥ I’m always on the look out for cute planters and dishes – isn’t this hedgehog dish adorable?!



♥ I’m loving these star earrings.

♥ Any kind of pasta dish has my vote if I’m perfectly honest… So I think that this creamy garlic herb mushroom spaghetti (!) sounds absolutely delicious. Yum!

The prettiest hairstyle!

♥ Seasalt always make lovely clothes, but the colour, fit and pattern of this dress are particularly swoon-worthy!

Lovely ceramic necklaces in a rainbow of colours.


Hello hello! It felt like this might be yet another week wherein I struggle to get my links up on a Sunday… But here we are, posting before 11pm – hurrah! This week I worked three 10 hour shifts and a 13 hour shift all in a row, and I feel like I could sleep for a month as a result. I’ve barely turned my PC on (my Flickr has five “new” uploads today that seem so long ago all of a sudden). When the last of the shifts rolled around I was left feeling very thankful that I was then able to spend the weekend with Jack!


Anyhoo – happy Sunday, friends. Enjoy the links!


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