Link Round-Up


This is the prettiest calendar I’ve seen in a long time (and so simple!).

♥ I’m forever struggling to find good movies to watch, but I’m all over these three that Sandra has recommended! “Remember” looks especially good.

♥ We tried this tarka dal recipe on Wednesday and it was yummy. We’re going to add a bit more seasoning/spices next time, but it’s definitely a keeper!

♥ As a fan of G&Ts, I think these chopping boards are pretty darned cute.

♥ These citronella candles are a super DIY for often-munched-on-by-insects folks such as myself!




Strawberry ricotta apricot mini cakes. DROOL.

More cake porn!

♥ Sarah Wickham on the importance of mood lighting for labour and birth.

♥ As rosé is slowly winning me over, I think I’d like to try these rosé all day jello shots!

Here is a rather overwhelming list of television shows and movies coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO this month. WHOAH!


After a lovely few days away, we’ve arrived home to our home and two rather excited cats (I could actually hear Barns talking to us from across the road as soon as we got out of the car!). The past few days we have spent enjoying the countryside, cycling and eating far too much food. We stayed in a gorgeous, little cottage where two chickens visited us several times a day and our surroundings could have been straight out of a picture book of the English countryside. Swoon!


Now that we’re back home, it’s the weirdest feeling to know that I’m on placement for the next two weeks. Weirder than that, is knowing that following that I will be a second year… To say I’m struggling with these feelings would be an understatement, but I’ll plough on! one of the things both midwives and student midwives have been keen to impress upon both myself and the other students in my cohort is exactly how difficult this journey can be at times. I keep meaning to write about my own reality of that journey; you wouldn’t believe the amount of drafts and redrafted posts I’ve made about being a student midwife.


Hope you enjoy the links – here’s to saying hello to September and all that it brings. Tonight we’ll be cuddling our kitties, finding something quick to eat for dinner and then I’ll be flapping from room to room checking where my fob watch is..! Take care of yourselves!

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