Link Round-Up


♥ Here are some cat lady thoughts

♥ I think that these pumpkin thumbprint cookies sound like a helluva-lotta-tasty!

Anatomy of a 48-hour call is an interesting look into midwifery care in America.

♥ Alexandra wrote about respect and courage, a good reminder about how it’s always best to support each other.

♥ Cauliflower and pasta isn’t a combination I would think together, creamy roasted cauliflower pasta on DesignLoveFest looks delicious.

Halloween beehive costume, anyone? (See also, chef and lobster costume!)

♥ Isn’t this crochet acorn pattern (and wallpaper!) gorgeous?

♥ These buttery plum pie bites look well-worth having a go at baking. Yum!


Happy Sunday lovelies! Jack and I celebrated the weekend by having a lie-in, visiting Leigh-on-Sea for brunch and then heading back home for coffee in the glorious sunshine. Hope you’re all enjoying your weekends as much as we are!


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