Link Round-Up


♥ This matchbox advent calendar is super cute!

♥ We made Alice’s mulled white wine last night, and it was absolutely delicious.

♥ Linguine with prosciutto, kale, squash & parmesan? It’s a yes please to this fall pasta for me!

Crayon shoes!

♥ One day, I’d like to go to the Yangzhou Zhongshuge bookshop. Swoon!




Júlia Sardà makes the most beautiful illustrations.

♥ As a big lover of marzipan, this scrub by Daria sounds right up my alley.

♥ This book on Scandinavian Gatherings looks wonderful!

♥ Mmm, baked mini falafel salad!

♥ I feel like this article on what to do if you have a gossiping boss is a good read for student midwives…

♥ And to end of a real-world high – LGBT motorcycle gang delivers breast milk to babies.


We’ve had a lovely, relaxing weekend thus far – yesterday we visited our hairdresser and got some Christmas shopping done, and today we spent most of the day with Ally and Ali (a lovely day playing board games and showing them around Leigh-on-Sea!). Hope you have had a lovely weekend too – happy Sunday friends!

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