Link Round-Up


♥ This Triple Braided Bun looks fabulous, as well as being the kind of hair style I might actually be capable of replicating..!

♥ These baked donuts looks delicious.

♥ I’m loving photographer Johan Bävman’s project called Swedish Dads, which documents different fathers taking parental leave with their children (via Buzzfeed).

These recycled earrings are so pretty! (Also, I love how all of the jewellery on Nurdle in the Rough shows you what the jewellery has been created from!)

♥ Ms Cat makes some truly adorable cat illustrations – I love this one!

♥ I enjoyed this Zen Habits post on the importance of leaving yourself wanting more.

♥ As usual, the ladies at A Beautiful Mess have been showing off some delicious looking recipes in the past week – I can’t decide whether the Steel Cut Brûlée Oats or the Chocolate Bubble Waffles take my fancy more… Hmm!


Hope you enjoy the links, and more importantly, I hope you’re enjoying a lovely, relaxing bank holiday weekend full of fine company and good food!


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