Link Round-Up


These cookies look like 5 inch pieces of heaven.

♥ I keep telling myself to lose the fear, so it seems fitting to have a pin that says just that…

Citrus punch, anyone?

This is such a cute keyring! I love so many of the wonderful things at Ladybird Likes, I think I could make a whole link round-up from the lovely items in the shop!




♥ This life aquatic body scrub looks so awesome! (I gotta say, I love how colourful it is! Daria definitely got the colours perfect!)

♥ Anybody else ready to bake these yummy looking peach ricotta pastries? They look so good!

♥ Wendy posted a guide by Yumi Sakugawa on how to dry clean at home. Hurrah!

♥ Whenever I decide to brainstorm over coffee from now on, I will be thinking of this sweet print by ilovedoodle.

♥ Mmm, I think this watermelon salad looks absolutely delicious.


A quick post from me after a lovely Sunday spent with Jack – hope you enjoy the links and have a lovely week. Take care lovelies!

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