Link Round-Up


Ivana Helsinki is launching a Moomin collection for Spring 2015! I can’t wait – everything looks gorgeous.

♥ This DIY floral cross-stitch sweater is so many different kinds of awesome, I love it!

♥ An eggplant and pomegranate seed pizza sounds entirely bizarre, but looks crazy-good. I think I may have to give it a go…

The Willowyn shop is divine – I want everything.

♥ I’m feeling pretty excited about A Beautiful Mess products… Eee!

Isn’t this clip purse really cute? Awaw!


Phew! Saying hello to October has been both grand and exhausting. I’m doing a lot more shifts at work than normal at the moment, so I’m looking forward to having a big lie-in on Tuesday when I get a day off (ahh!). Hope you’re all having a lovely October so far!


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