Link Round-Up


♥ Arunachalam Muruganantham is an amazing man, and his story is well-worth reading and watching.

♥ … And on the subject of menstruation – how to have an eco friendly period is an interesting read.

♥ It’s fairtrade fortnight at the moment! And People Tree wrote this post about some of the focus for these two weeks – Sit Down For Breakfast, Stand Up For Farmers.

Cute washi tape forever.

♥ Someone give me a good excuse to make this cinnamon roll casserole, please!




♥ I enjoyed this look into Lisa Congdon’s current sketchbook

♥ Kate has made a Pi dice game, called Yippi!

♥ Anybody else interested in a faster way to learn new skills?

♥ If these brownies taste anywhere near as good as they look/are being described here, then I’m not sure I ever need to eat any other brownies again in my life… Drool!

Kitty cakes!

This insect cushion is gorgeous!


Sunday, merry Sunday! This week has been a bit of an emotionally draining one… Placements have been pretty tough, but I’m super lucky to have the support of Jack and my family, so I’m still smiling! Better yet, Barns and Ginger have both arrived in the flat, and are settling in for their first nights as I type. Hope you’ve had a fabulous week and are looking forward to greeting the week ahead!


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