Link Round-Up


♥ This floral scarf is stunning! I love how transparent parts of the pattern are (via One Sheepish Girl).

♥ Yasmine’s latest strip Our new kitten on Cat Versus Human got me making a few elongated vowel sounds…

♥ Is it me, or is this the cutest springtime notebook from The Twenty Fingers?!

♥ I adore Kaylah’s latest weekly nail post over at The Dainty Squid – red and grey with white polka dots? Perfect!

♥ These fossil cookies by Emma over at A Beautiful Mess look delicious and I really like the shell decoration.

♥ Natalie’s post Taking Off The Mask: Why It Is Not Ok To Say “It’s Ok” was an interesting an insightful read that resonated in parts with me.

This lion cup is too lovely! I adore everything in Anna’s shop, Baskakova – take a look!


Hellooooo April! It’s been a manic week away from work, which I’d quite like another week off to recover from… But hey-ho! I’m driving back to Nottingham this evening, ready for jump back into night shifts before driving back to Essex on Saturday morning for not one wonderful event, but two! Hope that you’ve had a good week and are looking forward to greeting this next one with open arms!


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