Link Round-Up


♥ These taxis in Mumbai are stunning.

♥ The fabulous ladies at A Beautiful Mess have this habit of knowing exactly what I want and then creating a DIY for it! Unfortunately, I have this habit of then not buying said object because I hope to one day DIY it… Maybe that will change with this super Circle Chain Mirror DIY!

♥ Jordan Bone is an extremely talented beauty blogger, who is also a tetraplegic. She made this video in response to some of the comments she has received.

This pencil bracelet is the cutest.

♥ Alex wrote about why she doesn’t use social media anymore, and my heart felt a bit sad for all of the life-minutes I’ve spent doing something I don’t really care about. Time for some change!

♥ I’m loving these computer wallpapers by Emmy Jones for DesignLoveFest. My favourite is the first one in bright yellow.

♥ A light Hugo cocktail sounds like just what the doctor ordered, yum!

♥ Gala wrote A Punk Rock Approach to Living the Life of Your Dreams. Yes!

♥ Uhm. You guys, this unicorn piñata makover. Please.

Never feel guilty for cutting toxic people out of your life.


Phew, it’s September you guys! After a happy start, I’ve been bit ill and blue in the middle of the weekend, but this weekend has been a cheery one filled with happy moments with the people I love. AND! Jack and I drive to Bath and Bristol next Thursday for a break, which I am positively itching for… Yay! Hope you’re having a marvelous weekend and enjoy the links above. Take care lovelies!


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