Link Round-Up


♥ Barnabee has always been good at making sure I get lots of breaks when I’m working at my PC – Cat Knows When I Need a Break on Cat Vs Human.

♥ There are no words to describe these knickers at Knickerockercat bum, bunny bum, fox bum, badger bum..! Wow. (Via The Dainty Squid.)

♥ On the subject of underwear, how fabulous is Who Made Your Pants?!

♥ I love Daria’s DIY eyelet sweatshirt and tutorial!

♥ This cheesy apple pie recipe looks amazing!

♥ Dave showed me this amazing video – Men Without Hats’ “Safety Dance”. It’s absolutely insane!

♥ I want some cat face shoes! Maybe some that are a little more inexpensive than these ones from Charlotte Olympia, but still…

♥ This photograph by Joel is absolutely stunning – “Structure”.


I cannot believe that it’s October already! To celebrate, I’ve made a start on my Christmas shopping (!). Dave and I have been having a very laid back Sunday because we went out drinking for his mate’s birthday last night and felt a bit worse for wear when we awoke! Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!


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    1. I’m not very good at sewing projects but I-m tempted to have a go! And I might have to get some of those panties for Christmas gifts I think!

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