Link Round-Up


♥ After reading about how Kaylah saved money with Digit, I want to try it for myself. Unfortunately my bank isn’t supported yet, but what do you guys think – would you use it? (I don’t know that my meager bursary will allow me to save anything, realistically, but you don’t know if you don’t try, amiright?!)

♥ I think that these black beer brownies definitely need to make an appearance in my kitchen. Mmm!

♥ These marbled votives are so pretty!

♥ Dami Lee’s cartoons are awesome!

♥ The cutest pin – end catcalling.



Chocolate chip creamy pear oatmeal, anyone?

♥ I’ve wanted to make a magazine shelf for a long time, so I’m hoping Caroline’s DIY will kick me into action!

♥ Oh my gosh – bacon mac and cheese melt.

♥ These vegetarian soup recipes look delicious! I really like the look of the beetroot and pumpkin soup, yum!

♥ Stephanie has posted a bunch of awesome posts this week and they’re well-worth reading: speculum care without stirrups, scripts for contraception options and post-scripts for the positive pregnancy test. Student midwife gold!

♥ Quiet Form make the prettiest ceramics – I love this black plate.


I’m away at the bi-annual LAN party this weekend, which of course means I’m having a lot of fun playing games! We’re driving back home tonight because I have lectures early Monday morning (boo!) but I’m looking forward to the next week because Jack has it off work. Eee! Hope you enjoy the links and are having a marvelous weekend – take care!

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