Link Round-Up

Australian high schools are now teaching feminism to their students.

♥ This beetle print dress is too adorable.

Cayenne cinnamon hot cocoa sounds like the perfect drink for a cosy Sunday evening in, mmm!

Text messages from your anxiety. Bah!

♥ I’m enjoying Sandra’s November playlist on Spotify at the moment.

♥ This is a pretty amazing read; accidental unassisted birth, down syndrome, mum catches baby born en caul.

♥ I’m loving the fact that whenever I visit Franca’s blog lately, there’s always bake waiting for me! And, I do love me some marble cake

♥ I love anything involving fairy lights, so this light box marquee DIY is right up my street!

♥ This cat playing whack-a-finger? So, so cute.


Nearly one week into December down, already! This post is brought to you after a pretty tiring, but none-the-less really super week. I’m really enjoying saying hello to December, and gearing up for the last few weeks of 2015… Hope you guys are all having a grand ol’ time!

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