Link Round-Up


This citrus salad sounds amazing (mmm, I love fennel!)

♥ I’m all over this list of 12 movies Mariell recommends.

♥ I’m saying a big yes please to this rainbow pom duvet!

♥ My skin is crazy bad right now, so I was interested to read this list of 10 random things that affect your skin.

♥ Smørrebrød forever.



♥ I’m utterly flabbergasted about this: Gillian Anderson was offered half of David Duchovny’s pay for X-Files revival.

These are the most darling teacups I’ve ever seen.

♥ In my quest for winter food, leek, ham and cheese egg bake is definitely in the race for top 10!

♥ Here’s a list of 57 small things to do for yourself this year – all food based, and therefore all delicious and worthy of praise. Yes!

She saw me. Stephanie always writes such beautiful things, and underlines so many things I feel about healthcare and people.


First link round-up of February you guys! Lots of food related links… Because food is on my brain! Jack and I started painting our kitchen in earnest this weekend, and after the arrival of a dining table and chairs (!) it’s starting to feel a lot more worthy of cooking in. Hope you guys are having a rad weekend – enjoy the links!

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