Link Round-Up


♥ I think these bright and colourful floral letters are fabulous!

♥ The internet has been taunting me with delicious drink recipes this week – presenting, triple layer smoothies (obviously, I’d swap the banana to something else, but still, yum!)…

♥ … And the lavender latte milkshake (!! Whoah!). Yum!

Kaylah wrote about comparing ourselves to others this week, something I think we all can admit to doing from time to time. Hilariously, around this time last year I bought myself a watercolour set and went through the same emotions! (The watercolour set was since been stolen from me, along with all of the work I did. Doh!)

♥ I love the prints from the I Like CATS Shop – especially this one!

♥ Annika put up two tutorials this week – how to make your own underwear and and DIY lace underwear. Definitely going to be giving these a go at some point!

♥ This unicorn headband is too adorable.


Phew! One week into March, and things are starting to quieten down for me. I made a big decision about work this week (in the sense that, I thought things were going to quieten down immediately, and they’re not, and I’m not okay with that… So I’m going to fix it…) – I’m hoping I’ll stick to the decision. Hope you guys have all had a lovely first week of March!


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  1. don’t you just love the glasses in the milkshake pics? I was kind of hoping there would be a tutorial for them, haha!

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