Link Round-Up


♥ I love the simplicity of this striped plate.

David Attenborough narrating Pokémon Go. You’re welcome.

♥ Mmm, I think this blueberry bread and butter pudding looks and sounds delicious!

♥ Here’s a really useful list of 35 ethical clothing brands for women.

♥ I think these oboe reed earrings are awesome!




♥ … And whilst I’m linking to awesome musical accessories, isn’t this the most beautiful belt in the world? Swoon swoon swoon!

♥ I have never seen anything quite like The Lobster… So I think Jack and I better watch it when it arrives in the cinemas!

♥ The cutest rainbow tape and cloud dispenser set!

♥ You guys – 19 times dogs were the gift the internet didn’t deserve. D’aw!

♥ Pastry pretty much always get my vote – who else fancies this tomato and mozzarella tart?

18 Little Details That Will Make You Love “Stranger Things” Even More.


Happy Monday friends! This post is brought to you by Monday, because this weekend was basically non-stop fun (I haven’t turned my PC on for over 48 hours, which is pretty rare for me!). We’ve spent most of the past week celebrating Jack’s birthday, and we’ve had such a wonderful time; delicious food, fabulous company, plenty of board games and a fair amount of wine…


It’s not quite back down to earth for me yet, though – today I sat my penultimate exam for the year and handed in all of my written work. One more exam this week, and then I have three glorious weeks off to unwind and delve into some DIY projects (!) yeehaw!


Hope you had a fab weekend and these links find you well. Take care folks!

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