Link Round-Up


♥ Spotify has made a time capsule playlist for all of its users – here’s mine. If I’m honest, it’s like they’ve just copy + pasted the playlist Jack and I made together (“Awful 90s Pop (& some not so awful 90s pop (& some not so 90s pop))“). Anyway, it’s an enjoyable listen! Find your own in “browse”.

♥ This baby growth chart made me laugh: we’re currently at “Regretful Smurf”!

♥ An interesting look at the evolution of women in stock photography.

Such a cute doormat!



♥ We’re going to have to try out this 10 minute pizza dough soon, methinks!

♥ I’m loving this DIY macramé wall hanging from the ladies at Classy Clutter.

♥ The most adorable pie crust!

How often should I wash my clothes?


Happy, happy weekend folks! We’ve had a super productive one here – finishing off networking the flat, making our very first sourdough loaf (we’ve been nursing a sourdough starter for about two weeks now – and the loaf is delicious!) and even bringing some baby furniture home (!!).


This coming week is going to be a bit epic for me – I’m working one night shift and three day shifts, which is a grand total of 51 hours! That’s quite a hefty load at the best times, let alone whilst 30 weeks pregnant… So, I’m feeling a little hesitant to throw myself into next week and am feeling the need to snuggle up on the sofa with Jack and ignore the rest of the world for a bit. Anyhoo – I hope your week is going well and you have lovely things coming your way this coming week, too! Take care folks!

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