Link Round-Up


♥ I adore this doughnut pillow! It would be the perfect addition to every room, I reckon!

♥ Gunnaydri on Etsy has some truly adorable textile designs! I love this fox cushion and this stag cushion – not to mention the sweet rag dolls!

A cat nails tutorial?! Yes please!

♥ This vertical wall herb garden is really cute.

♥ I think this new print “Bear With Me” by Lisa Congdon is really sweet.

♥ Is it me, or do raspberry and rhubarb pinwheels sound absolutely delicious?!


Lots of lovely, sweet links this week! I’ve had a rather interesting week, with a bunch of highs and lows… Dave and I celebrated our anniversary, I had my car broken into (and more than a few things stolen) and I spent a night at Centre Parcs. I think I could do with a quieter week, this week, but I doubt there’s going to be any chance of that..! Here’s to another week!


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