Link Round-Up


♥ My extreme fondness for cheese is telling me that this Spicy + Stout Cheese Fondue recipe should be one of my new recipes to try for August or September.

♥ I’m thinking that I might give this woven finger-knitting hula hoop rug DIY a go…

♥ This is such a pretty notebook. Swoon!

♥ I think that these 4 hairstyles under 4 steps are awesome – my favourite is the celtic knot, but they’re all gorgeous.

♥ As mentioned above, I’m a little bit of a cheese-o-holic, so I enjoyed reading A Handy Guide to Creating the Perfect Cheese Plate. Mmm…

♥ These 11 beauty products you can make with coconut oil look pretty interesting. I mainly use coconut for moisturising anything/everything (lips/face/body/hair) but would definitely be up for giving some of these ideas a go!

♥ A wish clipboard seems like a fabulous idea.


Phew! I can’t believe that the first week of August has flown by already… It’ll be September before we know it! The past week has been a tiring but extremely fun one for me – I celebrated Jack’s birthday with him and his family, moved home (!) and went to a Dota championship party. Whoah! Hope you’ve had a lovely week too!

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