Link Round-Up


♥ The importance of everyday birth wisdom.

♥ I have no wish to own a tarot deck, but if I did this Twin Peaks one would have to be the one I’d choose.

These soaps may well be too pretty to actually use…

♥ I think you’ll all agree that Kaylah makes the Lensbaby Composer Pro look totally awesome.

♥ Mmm, skillet-baked pasta with five cheese; sounds like the perfect autumnal dish!




♥ I’m not sure that I can better my pumpkin from two years ago, but these polka dot ones are pretty cute!

Bunnies eating berries look absolutely terrifying – ha!

♥ Our kitties don’t have a regular litter box (we have a cat flap) but you can be sure that if they did we would be making one of these awesome covers!

♥ Seeing Sandra’s post about The Bell Jar me has made me crazy-eager to read it – there are so many books I want to read, but this one is now in my top list!

♥ Who else needs to put time into perspective every now and again?


Happy Sunday folks – enjoy the links!

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