Link Round-Up


♥ I’m pretty smitten with these gorgeous floral desktops by Jen Sanchez!

♥ Isn’t this DIY embroidered sun hat gorgeous?

♥ After a pretty rad lecture on contraception this week, reading Gala Darling’s post about coming off the pill was a timely read for me. Informed choice FTW guys!

♥ I really enjoyed reading Rebecca’s post about reading and books – I can identify with a lot of the things she says!

♥ Elderflower drinks have to be one of my favourite summer staples, so I was really happy to see Alice’s recipe this week. Now, just to track down some elderflower…

Floral embroidery patterns for dishtowels. I think these would look pretty darn neat on denim skirts and white shirts, too..!




♥ Seeing as I think Kaylah is one of the most gorgeous humans on this planet (!) I adored her post on how people are different, and that’s what makes us all beautiful. Swoon!

♥ Mmm, balsamic and fig vegetable stir fry – looks so tasty!

♥ Ellie’s post about promoting good body image was a bit of an eye opener for me; it hadn’t occurred to be that fundal height measurements could me misconstrued as weight gain checks. Food for thought!

♥ I was quite intrigued to read about the kinésthérapeute’s in France (or, as the article itself calls them – “Cooch Coaches“!)

♥ Such cute beetle pins!


Lots of lovely links for you guys this week! We’ve had a pretty non-stop weekend so far, so I’m luxuriating in being able to spend my Sunday morning with a cup of delicious coffee in front of my PC. In a few hours I’m going to go and spend some time with family, and then practice my OSCE spiel in the afternoon. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend whatever you’re up to!

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