Link Round-Up


♥ I think this confetti eyeliner is super cute!

♥ Have you read about Lego’s new range called Research Institute? It looks awesome!

♥ Kat wrote about living your own truth“I want to live loudly and shamelessly in a way that makes me overjoyed every day. I want to be colourful and creative and to not care what anyone else thinks. My wish for you is that you do too. In doing that, we can show other people that is possible to be different, weird, unique and successful, and that they too can go out and live their own truth.” YES! Incidentally, I think Iris Apfel is amazing.

Lieke makes the most beautiful art, and I love the fact that she pays attention to the sustainability of her products. 

♥ Have you heard of the Tree of 40 Fruit? It looks amazing (and I’m all about the preservation of heirloom fruit varieties!).

♥ I always love the posts on goals and goal-making that the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess write. Emma’s 5 Secrets to Success is one of those fabulous posts.

Lisa’s words for the day no. 33 is a good thing to keep in mind every day.

♥ I’m loving this Natural Dyes Chart by Design Sponge!

♥ This super plate tells it how it is – nom nom nom.


Ahhh! I returned home from Fairport’s Cropredy Convention 2014 this afternoon, and I’m feeling both exhilarated and shattered. The festival was amazing, and I really enjoyed seeing some of my favourite musicians, as well as getting to see some fabulous new bands. I drank lots of Wadworths (yum!) and had a lovely time despite the rain. I’ll admit that I’m looking forward to an early night in my bed tonight, though..! Hope you enjoy the links, and hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend too.


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