Link Round-Up


♥ Isn’t this adorable cat bookmark too cute?!

♥ Bri wrote a post about how “The Hate Is Crazy” – I agree wholeheartedly. It seems like people really concentrate on negativity and hatred these days, and it’s so sad! I don’t understand why people say horrible things to each other… I’m very much of the “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all” train of thought!

♥ I love this tour of Kaylah’s office – everything is so cute! (And organised!)

♥ I think this image “Waiting for Mother” by Brooke Shaden is absolutely stunning. I always adore her work!

These wooden teacup earrings are really sweet. I love the wood grain.

♥ Swoon! I’m totally in love with these Pendleton boots by Dr Martens.


I’m harbouring a cold at my current assignment, and spending most of my time wishing I could be in bed at my mum’s house watching movies with Barnabee and consuming my own weight in soup! Alas, I’m not going to be going to ma’s for another week and a half… Hope you’re having a more relaxing weekend than me!


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