Link Round-Up


♥ The next time I visit Edinburgh I’ll definitely be making use of this ethical shopping guide by Wendy.

Sandra wrote a post about how she manages anxiety – lots of good tips!

♥ Daria made this awesome printable kitty wrapping paper for valentine’s day. Aw!

♥ I’m always after new up-do ideas for when I’m on placement, so this easy messy updo for shorter hair by Rebecca is perfect.

These felt planters are adorable!



♥ Another valentine’s freebie, this time from Anne – giant knit heart pattern! I think they would easily morph into fabulous throw pillows, too…

♥ Stephanie always writes the most thought-provoking midwifery pieces – she wrote about overhearing healthcare providers describing one of the women in their care as a bitch and the comprised care that can result from this. It’s a long read, but I wholly recommend it (even if you aren’t in healthcare – there’s a discussion about how women shouldn’t call other women bitches).

Rosé soaked gummy bears, anyone?

♥ We finally splashed out and bought one of Kathleen Lolley’s prints with money we were gifted for Christmas. I can’t wait for it to arrive so we can hang it on the wall! We decided to choose “Wild Flowers”.

♥ Oh my word… Anybody else fancy mac and cheese for breakfast?!


Hello lovelies! We’ve been having a pretty fabulous weekend so far – Stu and Charlie stayed over and we visited a lovely Portuguese restaurant and played board games until silly o’clock, before having breakfast at the sea front this morning. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend too!

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