Link Round-Up


♥ Now I’ve discovered Keeping Up With The Kattarshians, I think I’ll be spending a lot of time watching them…

♥ Mmm, coffee scrub anyone?!

This black lentil dal sounds write up my street. Yum!

♥ I enjoyed Sandra’s round-up of images for women’s day – anledningar till den 8 mars.



♥ Super useful for midwifery, but also awesome for general knowledge: 8 gender-neutral birth terms and how to use them.

♥ Wendy has posted about the ugly truth behind mica and what make-up brands are doing about it (including a table from Ethical Consumer, showing where various brands rank).

♥ Aren’t these cat lapel pins adorable?!

Cutest kitty parents ever.

♥ Yay for clothes with insects on – this embroidered beetle dress is lovely.


Greetings from late Sunday night, post-night shift. My brain is pretty much leaking out of my ears right now, so I’m going to get to bed soon enough. Hope you enjoy the links, and hope you’ve had a marvellous weekend! Here’s to another lovely week in March…

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