Link Round-Up


Daria made a DIY for the cutest fox shoes!

♥ I’m really liking the look of The Fangirls’ Guide to the Galaxy, which is due to be released Spring 2015.

♥ I’ve been mooning over the Christmas products that Lush have come up with – so much loveliness!

♥ This tiny dandelion ring is so sweet.

♥ I read about the story of Iris Grace this week, and not only is her friendship with Thula (her cat) beautiful, but I think her work is absolutely amazing too.

♥ Have you heard of My Jolie Candle? They sell candles with jewellery inside..! It seems a little odd, but cute! I especially like the idea of a freshly-cut grass candle

♥ This one-pot red wine pasta sounds and looks delicious!

♥ Is it me, or is having Lego figures holding your cables one of the best ideas ever?


This weekend has treated me pretty well so far – a day spent yesterday sorting through some goodies from my step-mum (don’t you love it when people think of you when they have a wardrobe clear-out? Yay!), playing Diablo III with lovely folks, and then spending the evening drinking ale, eating pizza, gobbling sugary stuff and watching films with Sarah! Sunday has been slow and lovely, and featured a fry-up (always good in my book). Hurrah! Hope your weekend is treating you well, too.


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