Link Round-Up


♥ Tom Cridland is a designer and fashion brand who has launched The 30 Year Sweatshirt, a sustainable fashion project which boasts a a 30 year guarantee… Not only selling sweatshirts, but also t-shirts and jackets. Awesome!

♥ Mandi at A Beautiful Mess DIY’d these beautiful Upcycled Oxidized Copper Planters, and I think they’re stunning!

This mozzarella and tomato pasta bake is the exact kind of comfort food that I adore. Yum!




♥ Orkestra Obsolete are my favourite new find… And this version of Blue Monday using instruments available in the 1930s is totally awesome.

♥ I saw this lovely pin on Deb’s blog and immediately went to Etsy to see if there were some left! I really love the message, design, colour… So gorgeous!

♥ Amanda Watters wrote You Are Already “Woman” Enough for International Women’s Day, and it really resonates with me.

♥ Guys, this hand crochet blanket looks so warm and cosy! Ahh!

Frozen pisco sours? YUM!

♥ This chicken yakisoba recipe looks delicious.


Wow, Sunday already! It’s been one of those hectic but marvelous weeks – I’m pretty thrilled to report that I facilitated my very first birth this week (!) which was a nerve-wracking but utterly thrilling moment on my path to becoming a midwife. I hope you guys have all had a wonderful week and are gearing up to say hello to Monday! Take care lovelies!

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