Link Round-Up


♥ I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find this review of All-Natural Bug Sprays Which Smell Nothing Like Bug Sprays. Of course, I’m hoping that they repel insects like mosquitos, rather than just bugs… (Sorry, but I am the sister of an entomologist, after all!)

♥ Of course, if none of the above do ship to the UK, I could always give making my own a go..!

Roasted Apricot & Rose Eton Mess sounds absolutely delicious.

♥ I am swooning at this beautiful Tucked Braid Updo!

♥ As always, I’m admiring Lisa’s Congdon’s Words for the Day.

♥ I love Kaylah’s weekly nail post this week – lovely colours and lots of polka dots. Hurrah!

♥ This Gooseberry Clafoutis recipe looks gorgeous. Omnom!

♥ I’m unconvinced that anybody makes a better cherry pie than my mum, but as the IKEA blog posted a Twin Peaks Cherry Pie recipe this week (!) I absolutely had to link to it.


Yet another lovely week! I start back working with a new client this week, so I’ve been making the most of having my free time by writing up some photography ideas, making submissions to Getty and playing lots of PC games. I went on a day out to Sandwich, and had the best sandwich in Sandwich as judged by the Earl of Sandwich! It sounds like a joke, but it’s true… Hope you all had a lovely week too!


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