Link Round-Up

♥ That moment when.

♥ The forever-fabulous Annika has put together a DIY tutorial on ombre tights. Yay!

♥ Here’s a beautiful illustration by Moosekleenex.

Taco torte? Be still my beating heart!

♥ You guys! Who wants to make these marbled candlesticks with me?! Ahhhh!

Yasmine understands my life extremely well. (Though we haven’t moved the cats into our new home quite yet – there’s a bit more painting, drilling, sawing and other excitement to get done first!)




♥ I can’t wait to try out Alice’s year-round homemade tomato sauce! Also, definitely using her simple quick vegetable stock the next time we make soup, it looks great!

Here’s how to read 100 books in a year. I probably won’t be hitting 100, but I think I could spend 2016 reading a lot more than I did in January..!

♥ I enjoyed seeing how Sandra makes styles her hair with curlers.

Rich, cakey Paleo beet brownies. Droooooool.

♥ I’m especially loving the Monday Morning hairstyle out of these three – perfect for placements… If I was a bit better at neat and tidy hairstyles!

♥ When we’ve finished painting and decorating our office, I’m definitely going to be considering making one of these awesome hanging organisers that Caroline has created!


Happy Sunday friends! A whole bunch of links for you this week; there’s been a lot of fab things on the internet to gander at. We’re taking the time to have a little bit of chill today, because the past week has been a bit crazy! Things are still moving along with the flat, though as I’m coming up to my next placement, I’m hoping to have a little more time to slap paint on walls and get some more things finished… Hope y’all are having a lovely Sunday (and super Valentine’s day!) – take care!

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