Link Round-Up


♥ These embroidered velvet boots are stunning!

♥ I’ve been looking for a reusable water bottle for a while, and I’m quite taken with the idea of these collapsable ones! They’d be super handy for shifts at the hospital and university days. Not to mention day trips…

♥ I’m forever a fan of cute stationary, and I think this notepad is adorable.

♥ “Want a quick, impressive dinner? Make lemon ricotta zucchini pasta.” Okay then! You don’t have to tell me twice! (Or even once really, those photos have got me drooling!)



♥ This lavender and vanilla body butter DIY sounds good enough to eat!

♥ I’ve seen so many animal shaped planters recently, but this is the first camera one I’ve seen!

♥ These lucky dips look awesome!

♥ The underwear at Brighton Lace has to be the prettiest I’ve ever seen! I’m loving this teal and slate lace set.


I’m definitely making that pasta this week, it sounds fresh, lovely and exactly what my body is after at the moment! We’ve had a bit of a mixture of things we’ve been up to this weekend, but Sunday afternoon has been all about chilling out in the flat getting ready for the week ahead. Hope you guys are feeling ready to deal with what the next week throws your way. Enjoy the links and take care of yourselves!

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