Link Round-Up


Gingerbread biscotti sounds like the perfect thing to bake the week before Christmas..!

♥ I love “Eleanor’s Room” by Emily; such a calm, gorgeous painting.

♥ This has to be the best DIY vase tutorial, ever.

♥ Such a beautiful necklace (and eco-friendly, yay!).

♥ I think this modern take on the matryoshka doll is fabulous.

Eggnog French Toast?! YUM!


… There’s no getting away from the knowledge that there’s only 11 days until Christmas day! Ahh! More importantly, there’s only 18 days until 2015! … And with that knowledge, I may need to go and lay down for a minute. I hope you’re all having a grand December so far, and are gearing up to some much needed downtime in the weeks to come.


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