Link Round-Up


Images playfully synchronized.

♥ These shadow doodles are totally cute.

♥ We tried these spiced vanilla bean bushwackers over at Rob and Lauren’s over New Year – tasty!

♥ Mmm, gimme this five vegetable cheddar soup.

♥ Who else wants to try this ginger orange body scrub?

♥ Magic doll make the most amazing hats – this antler hat and this crochet cat ear hat are my favourites.

The cafe love story. D’aw!

♥ Nostalgia, anyone? 39 albums that will turn 20 in 2017.



A five minute party updo definitely sounds like an up-do for me.

I like big slices and I cannot lie.

♥ I’m loving these floral wallpapers over on DesignLoveFest.

Midwifery knocks and coming back fighting. Something I probably need to read on a monthly, if not weekly, basis… If I’m honest, I already feel like reading the strategies have helped me, so they’re well-worth a read!

♥ This minimal striped foil manicure DIY is my kind of look, and easy to swap up between placements.

♥ I’m swooning so hard at all of Yumiko Higuchi’s work. Ahh!

Does anybody else want to have a go at The 2017 Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge?!


So, as promised, a list of links a little longer than usual. It’s been taking me a while to whittle down my blog reader, after having a mini break from my PC, but the internet has definitely had a lot to offer over the past two weeks.


Things here are good, as always. Saturday we had a lovely, slow day, and today I’m working a thirteen hour shift (my first long shift of 2017, oy!). It’s weird to go back to being on placement, and writing “2017” in women’s notes is still making me pause for thought. We’re rolling past important dates and anniversaries at a fast rate, and it’s surreal exactly how fast time is still flying away.


Tomorrow marks our one year anniversary in the flat – a whole, shiny, beautiful year together in our first home. Every day I wake up I feel like the luckiest woman in the world; I’m sure Monday morning I’ll feel especially so.

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