Link Round-Up


Insect socks? Yes please!

♥ This raspberry crushed ice looks absolutely delicious.

♥ These DIY stuffed balloon animals are adorable.

Hannah wrote a review about a watch she bought from Buckle and Clog, and I have to say that I love their designs!

♥ I’m loving this simple low ponytail with some twists.

♥ Suzannah is doing a giveaway for a copy of her new book, DIY Wardrobe Makeovers, and it looks great!

♥ This DIY neon letter light is definitely going on my list of projects I’d like to complete.

Pizza with white sauce, blueberries and spinach? Uhm, yes please!

♥ I always enjoy Sandra’s playlists, and this one that she made in preparation for Way Out West is no exception!


As always, lots of lovely links to tickle your fancy! I’ve had a lovely week seeing lovely people, pottering around at home (I moved home last weekend), working and preparing for university (my course starts in just five weeks!). Here’s to next week being in a similar vein – hope you’re having a grand weekend too!


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