Link Round-Up


Shauna gained an unexpected (but extremely cute!) house guest recently. Aw! Aw!

♥ I really like Lisa’s Words for the Day No. 34. So good!

♥ This cheese alphabet print is really cute.

♥ All of the cocktails that the ladies at A Beautiful Mess make, make my mouth water! These strawberry, grapefruit mimosas look delicious!

♥ Aren’t these paintings from Emily’s sketchbook sweet?

♥ This twisted fishtail braid is really pretty.

Glow in the dark solar system knickers?! Yay!

♥ I think Gemma Correll is fantastic, and I love the illustration on this bag by her!


Well, it’s been a lovely, long weekend for me! I’ve had a lot of time to myself to bum about, which has been pretty relaxing. Hope you’ve had a grand weekend, too!


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