Link Round-Up


♥ Frank Krause takes people’s Deep Dark Fears and creates cute, creepy comics from them.

♥ I’m liking the look of this white cat eye tutorial!

♥ This constellations notebook is gorgeous!

♥ Fancy a cat handbag? Or maybe a book bag?

♥ I seriously need one of these in my life – a bottle opener RING (you guys!).

♥ The ever-fabulous Alexandra Franzen wrote about how Today is not over yet.

♥ Hanako makes seriously adorable brooches – sleepy foxes, glittery acorns and sleepy cats, to name a few!


January has started cheering up for me – a much better week! I’ve been getting on with my goals for the year, trying to finish off my diploma workbooks and seeing some lovely folks! Hope you’ve been having a wonderful week, too!


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