Link Round-Up


♥ I really want to have a go at this Leather Cat Purse DIY from the ladies at A Beautiful Mess. It’s so cute!

♥ I already mentioned her on my Things I Love Thursday post, but I think Alice Boman deserves another mention here! I’ve listened to “Waiting” over and over again this week!

♥ This Anatomy of a Flower print by Rachel Ignotofsky is absolutely stunning! (Via The Dainty Squid.)

♥ Is it me, or does carrot lemonade sound pretty delicious?! Especially with the hot weather in Nottingham right now, phew! (Via A Beautiful Mess.)

♥ Here’s the top 10 eco films of all time. I’m going to be looking these up during my night shifts – I’ve only seen 2! (Avatar and Wall-E, in case you’re interested..!)

♥ I love Cat Versus Human.


It’s been a pretty weird weekend for me – I’m working today, and during the day rather than the night (I’ve been working semi-regular night shifts since January, and rarely do day shifts!). Due to this, my body clock is even more confused than normal (is that possible? It certainly feels like it!) and I keep thinking it’s Monday, rather than Sunday… It feels all sorts of wrong to be inside whilst the sun is shining, so I do hope that you’re all taking advantage of the beautiful weather while I’m unable to! Here’s to another gorgeous, sunny week (I’m ever-hopeful!)!


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