Link Round-Up


♥ I think I might give Streaks a go, what do you guys think?

♥ I’m loving these little red boots and these high aqua boots by Po Zu!

♥ Winding down to Autumn and Winter has made me start thinking about our little roof terrace full of herbs – cue a very timely post about how to use dried herbs from Amanda!

Simultaneously the cutest and maddest clock..!




Morse code mug FTW.

♥ I’m so excited for Alice’s Gilmore Girls Recipe Project! Eee! The first recipe is already up – no-churn coffee ice cream affogato!

♥ The recent cold has got me craving big, chunky blankets and these bad boys look perfect!

♥ This check dress is gorgeous, and so is this sorrel dress (plus, I bet the sorrel dress will be super soft because it’s made with bamboo and cotton!)

♥ What are you going to read this autumn? Here are some suggestions!


Happy Sunday, friends! Today we’ve been pottering about using our KitchenAid for the first time (!) and getting ourselves organised for the week ahead. Tomorrow is my first day as a second year, and my first day back to lectures for the academic year – madness! Earlier on we had a quick bike ride, and right now we have some dough proving in the oven. A perfect Sunday! With any luck, the rest of the week will give me a little time to play catch-up with blog posts… In the meantime, enjoy the links and your Sunday evening. Take care folks!


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