Link Round-Up


Salted vanilla sunflower butter. Yum!

♥ Annika has made a tutorial for lace bralettes (!!) – aren’t they gorgeous?!

♥ I’m adoring the embroidered notebooks at Fabulous Cat Papers. The anatomical heart one is my favourite… Whoah!

This orphaned raccoon thinks it’s a dog… And I think it’s adorable. D’aw!

♥ I enjoyed reading this piece on The Art of Loving and Losing Female Friends.

♥ These savoury crepes with mushroom ragout and eggs look so, so, SO delicious. A definite idea for weekend breakfasts, methinks…

Dictionary stories are short stories composed solely from example sentences found in dictionaries. So awesome.

♥ Kaylah recently did a review on her ONA bag (the ONA Camps Bay Backpack), and now I’m swooning over all of the bags in their collection!


Happy weekend, lovelies! After a rather beer-y day yesterday, I’m having a slow, relaxing Sunday… Netflix, coffee, pancakes, bacon and doughnuts are the main features. Hope you’re having a good one, whatever you’re up to!


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