Link Round-Up



♥ I’m loving these beeswax candles.

♥ Mmm, winter citrus smoothie in grapefruit bowls!

♥ After having my trusty fox eye mask for years, I think I might get a new one soon… And because I love it so much, I want to get another one from HannahDoodle.

♥ Sincerely Louise makes some amazing knitting kits and patterns – I love this uni-cat!




♥ Healthy salted caramel & chocolate cheesecake. (I am drooling!)

♥ I really like the idea of a shower soufflé..!

♥ Considering how much I love houmous, it’s a little bizarre that I’ve never made it from scratch..! So, I think it’s probably time to do and give Emma’s recipe a go.

♥ These green leaves fairy light garlands are pretty darned cute.


Happy Sunday, folks! Hope you enjoy the links – this post is scheduled, as I’m working a 13 hour shift (!) so I’ll be looking forward to coming home and crashing in my pajamas with Jack when I finish tonight. Take care!

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