Link Round-Up


♥ Oh my gosh, this very blueberry layer cake looks divine!

♥ I’m forever loving Lisa Congdon’s words for the day.

This adorable cactus pincushion is going straight to the top of my DIYs-to-do list..!

♥ Kate’s made some of her jewellery available in beautiful, pastel colours. Cute is the word!

♥ How sweet are these tiny objects paired with Pantone colours?!

♥ Kaeselotti makes the cutest little purses; isn’t this lion purse adorable?

♥ As soon as #radicalselflovejuly is over, I’ll be all over Katie’s photo prompts. I do love projects/challenges to keep me focused!


A rather pastel-coloured week, this week! Hope you guys are having a grand week and are looking forward to the coming week!


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