Link Round-Up


♥ Carrie’s Christmas wrapping ideas are all marvelous (though I’ve already finished mine – maybe next year!).

♥ Park Hye Min has made an incredible tutorial showing her transform herself into Taylor Swift. If I could do my make-up 10% as well as she does hers I’d be pretty darned happy…

♥ These felted Christmas ornaments are so lovely!

Homemade Irish cream, anyone?



♥ I don’t really think of peppermint as being a super Christmas-y flavour, but this hand scrub looks adorable! (Plus, my hands always need a bit of help from the dreaded lizard skin syndrome that exists all-year-round being a healthcare professional!)

This beetle print is so sweet.

♥ Jack isn’t much of a gingerbread lover so I probably won’t be making these, but if you are then this recipe from Daria looks delicious!

♥ This soup looks so good – parsnip and roasted garlic soup with blistered grapes and almonds… Mmm!


Happy Monday friends! After a busy Sunday, my links are a little belated this week… I’d intended to make a big ol’ list of links to make up for it (especially considering I shan’t be making a link post next Sunday, ha!) but I’ll admit to feeling less like the trawling the internet and more like doing a spot of tidying before getting changed into my pajamas to have a lovely, cosy evening in with Jack.


Today Jack and I met up with my folks and saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which was a huge treat. Afterwards we did some Christmas shopping on our way home and we’re pretty much 99.9% prepared for Christmas now… Which is a lovely feeling!

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