Link Round-Up


♥ Emma Fay creates absolutely stunning images through conceptual body art. Swoon! 

♥ Yasmine depicts cat lady scenes so fabulously! This happens to me a fair amount

Will It Beard is too, too good. It’s the creation of Pierce and Stacy Thiot – they put things in Pierce’s beard, and then Stacy photographs it. I would specifically like to direct you to: beard and flowers, beard and bubbles and beard and pencils.

♥ Who else thinks that Blue and red berry ricotta galettes sound delicious? Mmm!

A kitty and ice cream?! D’aw!

♥ I just found Anna Akana (thanks to Kat!), and I’m so pleased I have!

♥ These redcurrant popsicles sound delicious!

♥ I adore the wrapping paper on pleased to meet: , my favourites: kimono, feathers and flags.


Whoah! If you’re in England, you’ll probably be on the same page as me when I mention the weather! It has been hot, hot, hot, which I think is pretty grand (well, when it’s interspersed with rain and thunder storms!) but am wishing for it to be a teeny, weeny bit cooler… I find it hard to concentrate and be productive in this weather. Nonetheless, I started work with a new client this week (yay!) and successfully got a few projects and such out of the way (hurrah!). Hope you’re having a grand weekend and are geared up for the week ahead!


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