Link Round-Up


Crying candles?! Yes, please!

The truth behind instagram photos is hilarious (via Kittenhood).

♥ Anybody else fancy a gigantic pizza towel for their trips to the beach? Thought you might.

♥ Some truly gorgeous braids.

♥ Here are some animals looking shocked. Ha.

♥ I’ve been really enjoying the new Manfried the Man comics over on Moosekleenex. This one is great.

Basil gnocchi with roasted garlic tomato sauce sounds absolutely delicious!

♥ This – crank up the light.


Happy Sunday lovelies! We’ve spent most of today relaxing with pancakes, as well as me spending the majority of the afternoon finishing off the presentation I’m giving when I start my new degree tomorrow! (!!) (!!!) Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to the coming week as much as I am!


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