Link Round-Up


♥ Bri wrote about 10 Cool Nail Art Ideas that have caught her eye. My favourites have got to be the eyes, watercolour and black on black ones. I’m such a fool for nail art!

♥ Emily’s beautiful Deep Green Sea Originals are available on I particularly adore Why Won’t You Take Me With You? and The Unsuccessful Capture of the Great New England Sea Monster.




♥ I love this Skull String Art on A Beautiful Mess!

♥ I love how all cats do this. I’m pretty certain that I also love all cats.

♥ Isn’t this cat print dress by ASOS gorgeous?

♥ Want some more cat love? Okay! What about this gorgeous cat desktop wallpaper by Vanillery Garden? You’re welcome!

♥ The cold weather is making me crave sweaters and jumpers like this one by Our Little Daisy and this one by Cloudberry Factory.




♥ Malin sent me the link to this awesome video featuring all of Twin Peaks’ Pie and Coffee references! Damn fine.

♥ For the entomologists out there: an insect and creepy-crawly themed wedding!

♥ Isn’t this walk in the woods print from Ginger Pickle adorable?


I’m enjoying the sights and sounds of Liverpool at the moment (!) – the glamorous life! I’ve had one of those deliciously slow Sundays (I’m only on my second cup of tea so far today..!). There’s lots to do this week, so I’m taking advantage of chilling out and feeling relaxed until it all starts to rain down. Hope you’re having a super-chilled Sunday too!


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