Link Round-Up


Buy me once is promotes products that are created well, are built to last and as a result won’t break – saving your purse, as well as the environment. Count me smitten!

♥ Uhm. Alice posted a recipe for strawberry jam vanilla cream doughnuts with sugar glaze (!!) and now I’m wondering whether I might actually be able to make doughnuts successfully myself…

♥ I think that sometimes we should always think about creating things “like it used to be“.

These floral desktop wallpapers are so beautiful.

♥ Who thinks that Barns and Ginger would like a Palm Springs kitty scratch house ready for them when they move into our flat?! WHOAH!




♥ I’m a big fan of face toner (so good during a night shift when you need to wake yourself up a bit! Though I do realise that’s not quite the purpose of toner..!) so this rosewater face toner DIY is right up my alley!

♥ Klara recently wrote about her experience of 4 months without shopping.

♥ These delightful cactus cat socks should definitely have a place in my life.

This kale pasta looks seriously delicious. I want a pasta roller!

♥ I often turn into a bit of a stress-head, so it was good to read 15 ways to manage stress according to scientists.

♥ Rebecca’s list of six vintage women photographers you should know is fascinating – I recognise many of the photos, but hadn’t known the photographers!

This fabulous illustration by Yasmine is basically fluffier versions of Barns and Catniss messing about at home. D’aw!

♥ The ladies at braid have got it down: touch it once (I’m so bad at this!).


Hey guys! This has been the most tiring week in a long while, and I’m looking forward to having a wee rest tomorrow! Hope you have had a fabulous weekend – enjoy the links!

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