Link Round-Up


♥ I want to eat this strawberry cheesecake ice cream pie so much right now. Ahh.

More gorgeous hairstyles from Rebecca!

♥ This – when you die you won’t care about emails.

♥ Seasalt are having a sale at the moment, and there are some beautiful things! The Cookworthy Dress and the Dogwood Skirt are my favourites.

♥ I’m loving Caravan Palace a bit too much right now. Watch and listen to “Jolie Coquine” here.

♥ These catching butterflies knitted gloves are adorable.

Tan and crochet cycling gloves? Yes please!

♥ I wonder how horrified Emma would be if she found out that I’d never even heard of Cornbread until I saw her recipe for it? (Looks delicious though, amiright?!)

♥ Annika made a cute tutorial this week for DIY cat socks.


Another week in June has zoomed by – July will be here before we know it! Hope you’ve had a grand week and enjoyed the links… I think Caravan Palace are pretty awesome for having a Sunday boogie, so treat yourself!


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