Link Round-Up


♥ One of my major crushes this week has been Duolingo. It’s a free web app to learn language and it’s super easy to use. I’ve started learning Swedish and French, which means I just set aside a little time every day to go through a skill (5-10 minutes, usually!). If you fancy learning a language, I’d definitely recommend it!

♥ This research-backed article on how to get healthy is pretty darn interesting.

♥ My current mascara is coming to the end of its life, so this review of 3 natural mascaras over on A Beautiful Mess was pretty timely for me.

♥ Uhm, this orange chocolate chip shortbread sounds so, so good.




♥ Simple says it well; be happy.

♥ With the gorgeous summer weather about to start fading, I think I need to get some homemade summer cocktails! I think that these raspberry granita rosé cocktails should be on my list.

♥ I love the look of Sandra’s children’s book suggestions for those not quite ready to say goodbye to the summer and go back to work (not least because 2/3 are by Tove Jannson!). This might fit in well with me trying to learn Swedish, too…

This “how-to” is pretty awesome.

♥ I’m back to university placements in a couple of weeks, then back to university. I don’t really need any new notebooks, but isn’t this one gorgeous?

♥ Becca Stadtler makes the most beautiful things! I love jungle hike.


Happy Sunday folks – hope you enjoy the links!


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